Study Abroad Fever

I am consumed by Study Abroad Fever. It’s not actually a thing, but I’m capitalizing it to legitimize my insanity. I haven’t even been accepted to my chosen program yet, and it is still all I can think about. Every time I go online shopping (too often), every time I log on to Tumblr, every time I talk to my travel companion and resident best friend, I’m reminded that in 104 days I could be getting on a plane to the United Kingdom and LIVING THERE for FOUR MONTHS. So, in order to get London out of my brain and actually accomplish something (hah, really I’m just going to watch another episode of The West Wing), here is a list of things that make me very, very excited to maybe be hopping across the pond in a wee bit.

1) TOPSHOP (and other stores)


Despite the fact that Topshop opened in Chicago last fall to my considerable excitement, I can’t imagine shopping there IN LONDON. The prices may seem a little less inflated, the clothes a little less outrageous, and Topman will be filled with fit British lads. *dies* Other notable destinations include Harrod’s, Primark, Miss Selfridge’s, and All Saints.

2) English tea


I’ve heard countless times here in America that we Yanks don’t know how to brew tea. Apparently it’s more than heating up water and dunking in a tea bag? I love tea here in the States and can’t wait to try authentic English tea brewed by a Brit. Hopefully it’ll live up to the hype.

3) British lads


Yes, I’m aware British boys aren’t all Mr. Darcy or members of a slightly-too-young-for-this-blogger boy band (age is just a number, ok?). Maybe I need to test that theory before I truly believe it. Regardless, they may not all be chivalric members of the royal family or capable of angelic harmonies, but they do have the accent. That’s enough for me.

4) London street style




In reality, I’m sure London street style isn’t all that different than the major cities in America. That possibility, however, doesn’t quell my excitement from reading way too many style blogs throughout the years. This article didn’t help either.

5) HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!


You bet your ass I’ll be taking the Harry Potter tour.

6) History


As an incredible history nerd, it excites me to no end that I’ll be living in the place where SO MUCH SHIT WENT DOWN. I’ll have access to my favorite continent and be able to geek out for four whole months. All that studying for AP Euro in high school will not go to waste! Places I will see in London: The Globe Theatre, the Tower of London, every museum in a 100 mile radius, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace; on the continent: the Louvre (and Water Lilies), the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral.  I’m also hoping to visit my sister in Spain when she’s there with her high school choir.

7) Alcohol


I turn 21 in March. In America, I’d have to wait until March to drink legally. But I planned ahead: I leave in January. Therefore, I basically turn 21 in January! The only down side to this plan is that when I do turn 21 in March, nobody in England will really give a shit.

8) FOOTBALL (soccer)


Only recently I have realized how dumb it is that American football is indeed called FOOTball. I played soccer my entire life and it never struck me how odd it is that it isn’t called football. But, I digress. England understands the beauty of the game that I’ve played my entire life and I can’t wait to attend a real football match. I saw David Beckham play in Chicago a few years ago (yes, he did ‘bend it’) and nearly died from disbelief. Hopefully I’ll handle watching real English footballers play a little better. (That whole drinking legally thing might come in handy.)

9) British slang


In all my spare time at my weekend job this summer, I compiled an American/British dictionary for my travels. Here are some of my favorites:

  • “Underwear” in America is “pants” in the UK. Definitely going to have fun adjusting to that one.
  • “Pedestrian crossing” is a “zebra crossing” … what
  • “Thank you/goodbye” is “cheers” I’ve tried this in the States to mixed reviews
  • “Sweater” is “jumper” but I already knew that, thanks to my Harry Potter textbook
  • “It’s that simple” translates to “Bob’s your uncle”… this I’ll need explained firsthand

10) Time with my very bestest friend



We really need to take more pictures if pictures from high school or with outdated hair styles are the best I can find. Anyways, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have a chance at this incredible journey, let alone with my best friend. It’s almost physically painful how excited I am! I could write something about our youth coming to an end, how we chose not to go to college together (not that we really wanted to?) or how we don’t know where we’ll be in five years and this is a great last hurrah of sorts… but I’m just going to stick with I love you & I can’t wait. (Okay, now the anticipation actually is physically painful.)

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